Franchise Store Opening Costs

The following guides you how to open an Alaska in Jeju franchisee store cost effectively

(unit: 10,000 KRC, excl. VAT)

item contents 66㎡
Franchise fee Alaska in Jeju Trademark License, store development & local goodwill guarantee 1,000
Training fee Franchise operation, store theories & practices, and manual training 300
Basic interior Planning & design, woodwork (materials / labor costs) electricity, lighting work, painting, floor tiles and finishing fees 3,500
Machines Ice-cream machine, Coffee machine, Snow ice-flakes machine, Showcase, Table-type refrigerator & freezer, Blender, Ice maker, etc. 2,500
Device & equipment Coffee and ice cream related equipments and kitchen tools 300
POS support Interactive Dual POS device, POS system configuration/ASP usage fee excluded 200
Deposit Contract performance deposit (refunded upon termination) waived
Total 7,800

※ Separate: exterior construction (building front), Electricity extension, outside terrace,
heating/air conditioning, furniture, signage subject to separate consultation

Shop-in-Shop partner

Alaska in Jeju X Shop-in-Shop partner to provide competitive premium ice cream alliance

Jeju bomnal Cafe X Alaska in Jeju

You can enjoy premium soft ice cream dessert at Spring Day. Jeju bomnal's soft ice cream is produced by collaboration between Alaska in Jeju and Jeju bomnal Cafe.

Opening at Jamshil Lotte Mall Natural Soul Kitchen

This is a shop-in-shop store where you can taste the exclusive special ice cream of Alaska in Jeju at Jamshil Lotte Mall.

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